About Me


Hi, my name is Nicki and I’m a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA.


I have ran successful group exercise classes and meet-ups.


I have a passion for fitness that grew into helping other busy moms and women grow a love for fitness .


Here you’ll be inspired, motivated, and encouraged to be your healthiest self. 


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Train with Me


Do you struggle with finding a balance between work, family, and your health?


Is your life so busy, you are struggling to find the time be intentional about your health?


Are you constantly putting off working out because of others that need you?


Do you get overwhelmed and turn to food soothe your stress?


Are you ready to get control over your weight and eating habits?


Do you need accountability and guidance on how to get the results you have been struggling with for years?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.


I know your struggle because I lived your struggle.


And if I am being honest still live a busy life where I am being pulled in so many directions, but I found a way to make myself a priority.


And I want to do the same for you.


With my online one on one training, you get customized workout plans along with meal plan and guides. Learn more here….


Still have questions….


Do you still have questions or need more information?


Want to discuss your goals and expectations before getting started?


I would love to get to know you and how I can help you find the balance you need.


Click here to find out how you can schedule a free call with me.


Talk to you soon,




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