10 minute Full Body Workout

Today I’m sharing a full body 10 minute HIIT workout. These includes fours days of cardio and strength training you can do anywhere. This workout is a quick 10 minute workout for when you find being a mom takes so much of your time. Any movement is better than no movement! How much time do you have to workout? Add it to your normal daily routine. Nap time? Bedtime? Before the littles wake up? Do something to get your body moving so you have the energy needed to be who you need to be for your family.

Before participating in this full body workout, please make sure you do a proper warm up and stretching. Warming up is important because it prepares the body for movement. Cool down is just as important. Doing a proper cool down after the workout is done to help bring your heart rate down slowly.

Whenever you’re beginning new habits it’s important to support that healthy habit with a great community and good nutrition. As a mom, I have to plan every aspect of my day or it won’t get completed. I’m a to do list junkie! LOL! But it is helpful in keeping my focused and disciplined on my goals. I know what I’m going to eat for every meal and snack and I also have a plan of dining out with my family. Having a good plan and accountability from my group of amazing ladies helps me stick to my goals even on the weekends when the temptation is the highest to get off my nutrition goals. Set a plan and stick to it!

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