5 Ways To Ease The Deployment Transition

Military Spouses and Deployment

How do military spouses cope with the constant transitions?

And the hardest of all….deployment? Short answer: we do what we has to be done! Life is still happening at home. Having children the best you can do for them is keep a routine. Children and deployment is another topic. Today I want to talk to all the mamas who are brand new to deployment. SN: We experienced our first deployment during the COVID outbreak. 😳😑 Here are the 5 Ways That Eased Deployment for our family!

#1 Jesus: Promise Keeper

My faith in God is really what keeps me sane. It’s what gets me through a tough day of parenting alone until my sailor returns. Keeping my faith strong is important to continue my walk with God and going where he guides. The answer is always Jesus. He is always there just waiting for you to come through the door he leaves open for all of us!

#2 Find your tribe and make sure the have the same core values as you.

Finding supportive friends who will be there for you. The local  friends who you can write down as an emergency contact , and you know without a doubt your kids will be in good hands. Or the long distance friends who will pray for you and with you. They guide you toward what you need to hear not want to hear and most importantly, they head to God’s voice. They’re advice is God centered not world centered. Those friends are the ones that will give you courage to believe this too shall pass in all the hard times.
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#3 Seek help when needed

Military families have an amazing support for free. We are blessed to have the access. And the Navy’s Fleet and Family have a range of resources to support the whole family. Counseling and therapy services is a huge need especially with transitions of deployment. However, they offer support anytime for different needs. If you married into the military, you know what you signed up for, but there are a few that was already married before the military happened…I’m in that few! LOL! For any milispouse, moving away from family, changing churches, leaving amazing communities, making friends to only leave sooner than later, or restarting careers is enough to give us the super mom hero reward. We take on a lot. Many of us handle the moves and transition solo…..and with children. Wowzers it can all be overwhelming. So here me out mama, you can do hard things! You ABSOLUTELY FREAKING can! But you don’t have to do it alone.

#4 Don’t react….process what you’re feeling

Your job to your active duty spouse is to be there support. The life they are living is hard and can take a toll, so always be the light when you get to talk to your spouse. When things start falling apart (and I mean this very literally 😆), handle as much as you can without informing your spouse. During this deployment our plumbing went out, we had an ant problem (even cleaning all day everyday), and I had to jump his car off (thankfully my poor college years made me a somewhat expert 🤣).
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#5. Stay busy

Staying busy was quite difficult after the world shut down due to COVID. As we were finally beginning to explore our new surrounding areas, everything was shut down and we received stay home orders. Our new home is absolutely beautiful. So many things to do outside from beach days to nature hikes to berry picking. And the wineries….oh my! Thankfully things began opening back up around the same time my husband returned home. Recently, we have been able to enjoy more things outside of the home and our area makes is easy to do things outside instead of inside so yay social distancing win….(insert sarcasm). I pray you stay strong and have great support during this tough time. For more information on getting support or help during deployment visit Fleet and Family Support Program. To get to know me a little better visit my about page and feel free to reach out my sending a message. Stay Strong   ~Nicki

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