7 Exercises for Busy Moms

Easy At Home Exercises.

Working out should be a priority for all moms and women. Having a fitness plan that has quick, easy, and adaptable exercises helps you implement it in your busy schedule.  As a work from home mom, getting things done can be challenging. You have chores, errands, and taking care of your family. However, the moves you’ll learn about today can be done anywhere. Do these moves while cleaning, playground time, or doing laundry. You can also get your children involved or get in a quick workout during nap time. These moves can be done with or without weights. Do each move for 30-60 seconds. Repeat 2 or 3 times, or do throughout the day as you have time to get in a quick workout.

Compound Moves.

Shoulders and Legs. Targeting two muscle groups in one move saves you time and burns a lot of calories. Try this compound move out. Getting a quick and effective workout completed requires you to work hard for a short amount of time. Therefore, combining moves, especially of big muscles can get your heart rate up and burning calories in less time than running 20 minutes.

Booty Exercises.

Hip thrusts. London bridge or hip thrusts are my favorite core and booty workout. It works the back, abdominal muscles, and most importantly the booty! Try this move to help build your core. If you find this move too easy, add weights, more time, or hold the move for longer. There are also variations to this move. Feet can be flat on the ground, or bottoms of the feet can be touching for a butterfly hip thrust. Having a strong core is important for posture and ability to participate in everyday activities.
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Lightning bolts. High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT workouts are effective and time saving moves because you get a big calorie burn in half the time of longer sustained work. Try this lightning bolt move for a fun and effective full body work. Having quick workouts include having a cardio aspect to your routine. A HIIT workout can burn more than sustained cardio in the half amount of time. The move may be challenging but you will get stronger and soon you will need to do more

Back Burn Out.

Back row and fly. Working big muscles will get you the most calorie burn. And hitting the same big muscle at different points will burn it out, which is a good thing. The more you burn it out or push through safely, the more calories you burn and definition you get. Do this move for an awesome back workout.

Legs for Days.

Single leg Squat. Working the legs out will help burn more calories than other strength exercises because you are targeting big muscles. Want more of a burn out or challenge? Add some free weights to these moves. When doing these two exercises, remember to keep your abs right and take your time. You’re working the legs through these moves, and it’s also a balancing challenge. Click here to view this lower body workout.

Arm Exercises.

Triceps Work. This is one of the body parts women (including myself) want to tighten and tone and sometimes it can be frustrating when that skin just won’t tighten. Unfortunately you can’t target which parts of the body loses fat and tones. All you can do is do the work to get your whole body healthy. However, lifting heavy will get you results. That’s why body weight exercises are really great for beginners. Start here with this biceps move and slowly lift heavier by straightening your legs, lifting one leg or placing your legs on a box or step.
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Abdominal Work.

Core Workout. This core workout is challenging but it works the top and bottom parts of the abdominal muscles. Start out without weights and slowly add to strengthen your core. Women with strong cores can participate more effectively in everyday activities like walking, bending down to pick something up, and getting in and out of bed. A strong core also helps prevent injuries. As you age, bending and twisting can cause injury to the back if you don’t have a strong core. Did you love these exercises? Try these workouts next. Bonus: Do the move in the image below, alternating arms without moving your hips. Comment how well you did in the comments below. Finding time to workout can be a challenge for moms. Therefore, finding the time and the right moves that burns a lot of calories fast is essential to reaching your goals. Your goals can simply be to move more. A goal you may have could be doing each move during a 2-minute block of when your kids are playing independently or at the park. It might be you doing a workout during nap time. How do you get a quick and effective workout done at home? Stay Healthspired! ~Nicki at Healthspiredfitness

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