Mental Health and Moms

Mental Health Struggles

There are mental struggles so many mothers go through long after postpartum. The mental health challenge can be isolating and heartbreaking. Some moms are able to get right back to work and adjusts well. I was not that mom or wife. The thought of maternity leave ending was sad for me, and I just didn’t want to be at work. When we got orders in the middle of the year, I was excited because that meant I didn’t have to start teaching again for awhile.

Then my husband supported me staying home. See we just wanted something different for our child. Could we afford it. Nope we had so much debt but we were willing to sacrifice and make it work. And we did and I enjoyed my time at home but let me tell you there are challenges for both working moms and stay at home moms. I’ve done both before my child turned 3. 

My daughter getting her newborn pics. (She is 3 now)

Mental health is so important and as new and nursing moms our hormones are crazy! I only ever breastfed or bootle fed breast milk. And my motivation was because I wanted to. God created me for this purpose and by George I was going to stick with it. My husband just thought it was cheaper LOL so he was a big supporter! But breastfeeding hormones didn’t make me dealing with life any easier. It was a struggle to communicate my needs to my husband because I’m so strong willed. But we finally got there with God’s help.

Here are some things that I wished I did sooner to help me get little breaks to help my mental health.

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Support. If you can’t talk to your spouse reach out to someone anyone because the isolation is real. And as a military spouse it’s even worse. We move every three or so years and are isolated for a long time unless we already have friends there. Yes we stay home all day with a baby who is need of attention 24/7 we don’t shower and barely eat. We may sleep but that may be our only time to ourselves so we stay up.

Find your tribe and hold tight!

It’s so important to find you a community of supportive friends. For me, I needed it because at the time my marriage was in a hard place. God delivered us but not without the people He sent to help us. I found my community in my church and running group. It helped and taught me so much. If you’re struggling to find a group of moms, I first started with MOPS.

Solo Time. I didn’t take enough time for myself when my daughter was a baby. And it only got harder to leave as she got older. Eventually my daughter stayed with my husband, family, and close friends without tears, but I could have helped by not trying to do it all by myself. Taking that Target trip alone would have helped me so much, just to get a breather.

This is my time alone I enjoy most: pushing myself mentally and physically!

Demand some solo time even if it’s just to Target. It will help you get clarity when you’re not putting out fires 24/7.

Rediscover yourself. After having a child, it’s easy to get swept into mothering and that new role, but you need to figure out what lights you up and something you’re passionate about. What else could God be calling you to do? For me life is about making a difference and figuring out how to serve others and teaching them about God through my daily life.

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I pray this short list has helped you begin to understand what you need as a new mom and give yourself some grace. God loves you and so do I. Be blessed friends!

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