The Magic of Macros

Macros have helped me hone in on what my body needs to get results. When you’re a fitness fanatic like I am, you’ve tried or heard of all the different ways to eat healthier or lose weight quicker. I am not a fan of diets. But I am with the notion that you should be able to eat what you want when you want. I am totally against depriving yourself of good things. Food is way we as humans share traditions and show love. I believe when you learn how to eat proportionally correct then you can eat what you want and you won’t have to say no to the dessert. Sometimes it takes us to be extreme in our eating habits to learn how to eat correctly or sometimes it can make us obsessive about not eating the bad things because we see how it has changed our bodies how we wanted it to be changed.

 A few months ago, I started counting my macros to see the difference in my eating. And it changed how I see food. It taught me how to eat the good and nutritional food rather than eating just for fuel. Food has nutrients and vitamins we need to live and when  don’t take that into account, we can deprive ourselves of the things our bodies need. That’s why counting calories is not always effective. When you count your macros, your teaching your body about the good types of food. For example, kale contains more nutrients than french fries. Getting more of what you need from food helps your body to learn what to eat more of and what to eat less of. 

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Many foods that are pleasing to eye and mouth aren’t always the healthiest portion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ever eat it again in your life. LOL. It means you have to understand portion control. If you love cookies, eat 2 and not the whole package. Giving yourself small pleasures often will prevent you from going on a crazy binge of overeating and overindulging in your favorite low nutrient food. 

My experience with macros taught me about eating the right foods to fuel me and keep me healthy while also eating the things I want when I want it. I learned to have one cookie rather than 4 cookies. And as a person who doesn’t have a gallbladder eating out is something that I’ve always struggled with. I can’t eat certain foods just because of how it is prepared. So I usually always get the grilled meat option. But my gut can handle mozzarella sticks. So learn what your body needs and doesn’t need, and keep your gut healthy. Your gut determines how the rest of your body feels. Since I take care of my gut when eating out, I still can do my normal routine and workout regimen. 

What is your struggle when it comes to nutrition? 

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